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Mari culture Farm Project Investment / Business Opportunity The Profile

The Farm-To launch a Mari Culture operation in prawn farming complete with processing facilities on a area of 170 hectares of coastal flatland on the Red Sea, in Mastura, Saudi Arabia. The site to be used is licensed with a farming permit, which covers the relevant operations of a Mari Culture project. Mainly licensed to access, pump and discharge water and wastes, to produce and sell fisheries products. Local government authorities issue this permit and the lease on the land is up to 20(twenty) years.

Forecast-The construction on the farm is estimated to take 18 months to complete and will provide an initial cash flow from the 9th month onwards. The farm will commence harvesting from the 6th month onwards. Harvesting will be implemented to suit the demand of production schedule. For example, fresh produce will be harvested on a daily basis for local market distribution.

Production Costs -From year 2 onwards, to reduce fry stocking of the ponds by 90% the farm will cultivate its own fry culture, from mother prawns, harvested from the Red Sea by the Farm's trawler boat and harvesting equipment. It is planned that production costs will be reduced by further 40% from year 4 onwards, when the farms own feed production plant (purchased from the farm's profits will commence production).
The feed production from the plant besides meeting the farms own feed requirements will be marketed within the Kingdom. Latest technology that significantly increases productivity and yields will be incorporated into the equipment design and operational plans.

Industry-The result of a booming industry for all trades and business for which 70% boast of foreign ownership and management control. Its tax-free system combined with a lack of red tape has brought on an onslaught of foreign investment especially from the US and Europe, despite the required adherence to observance to Islamic laws. The government encourages and provides foreign investor's protection schemes through foreign entities attached to the Ministry of Interior.

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