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Mastura -Its clean, serene and beautiful coastal environment is untouched by the pollution affecting the rest of the region and best suited for Mari culture farming with its tropical warm climate. Its untapped resources on the coast are equipped with the benefits of modern technology in the form of sweet water, electrical supply and communications services, while being connected to major neighboring countries and cities by expressways vital to transportation of products. Mastura is situated 175km north of Jeddah City, where the second largest international airport in the King dom is situated.

Report - Bathometric Survey for Ras Mastura Date: Thursday, 14th May 1998 Location: Ras Mastura is located on the Eastern side of the Red Sea and to the North of Jeddah. The geographical boundaries of the surveyed area are contained between:
Latitude:   230   0 2 .00 N  to  230  0 4 .00 N
Longitude:  380  4 6. 50 E  to  380  4 8 .00 E

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